The Challenge

95% of businesses don’t have a dedicated treasury team and manage their FX on complex spreadsheets. For these businesses, managing international payments and FX hedging is a manual and time-consuming process.


Traditionally, hedging contracts are made to smooth the effects of currency volatility. To manage hedging processes, businesses use complicated spreadsheets, manually collating information from internal and external sources, exposing them to human error

Our Solution

CurrencyVue natively connects with major Accounting and mid-market ERP systems including Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics. Purchase orders and invoices from all currencies are stored in CurrencyVue’s secure and encrypted cloud databases, giving you a real time view of your FX exposure on our dynamic dashboard.


Execute payments and hedging seamlessly, direct from PO’s and ERP systems. Without even needing to change your bank, you benefit from straight-through-processing using CurrencyVue’s payment rails.

Make Decisions Faster

CurrencyVue is a dynamic platform with data visualisation giving you the ability to make the right decision, faster

Real time data vs. ‘Point in Time’

View your FX exposure in real time and reduce your reliance on complex and error prone spreadsheets

Single Source of Truth

CurrencyVue unites your information sources for your business’s FX hedging and payment needs

Accounting system & ERP Connectivity

CurrencyVue natively connects with major mid-market ERP systems including Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics.  FX exposures are posted to CurrencyVue’s secure and encrypted cloud databases.


This data provides businesses with a real time view of your FX exposure displayed via our dynamic currency dashboards.

Quick and easy implementation process

Live view of all foreign currency exposures

Executed transactions posted back to invoices in ERP

Sync supplier & customer with beneficiary payment details

Cloud based platform with secure encrypted databases

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FX exposure Analysis & Reporting

CurrencyVue creates a single source of truth for your entire FX program with simple reporting.  In real time you will be able to workout out your net exposure as well as your total hedged and unhedged position.

Net receivables and payables in same currency

View total hedged and unhedged positions

Use hedge coverage ratio’s to track hedging policy

View live mark-to-market valuations

Comprehensive reporting on positions, deals and exposures

Seamless payments and hedging execution

Utilising the latest in API technology, users of the CurrencyVue platform can execute payments directly against foreign currency exposures contained within your ERP.


Continue to use your existing bank for foreign exchange but settle directly with our partners and you will continue to receive all the benefits of straight-through-processing (STP).

Set user permissions and multi-tiered approval models

Create bulk/multiple payment runs directly from invoices

Execute spot, forward and forward pre-delivery

Use holding balances to warehouse currency for settlement

Fund payments using spot, forward and balances

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