What ERP systems do you support?

Currently we have connectors with Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamics NAV however, we will be releasing integrations with Dynamics AX, GP and 365 shortly.

I have an ERP that isn't supported. Can I still use the platform?

The way the platform is architected, you will only be able to use the platform if your business uses Netsuite or Dynamics NAV. However please contact us to discuss a bespoke integration with your system.

What is involved in the implementation of the of the ERP connector and what are the costs?

The connector is relatively easy to implement and the instructions are well documented however, it is intended for an ERP developer/consultant or a system administrator to implement. We are able to organise for a developer to implement. Generally speaking it can be implemented within 2-3 hours.

How long is a typical implementation of the platform?

The implementation process is a simple process and can be done within a week end-to-end. It involves implementing the ERP connector, uploading all beneficiary payment details, setting up an account with our payments and execution partners and then some training. This can be done online or face-to-face.

I already have a bank or FX provider, can I still use your platform?

Yes. You can still use your current bank or FX provider but continue to get all the benefits of straight-through-processing. In this instance, you simply need to settle directly with our payments partner X. During the implementation and training we can talk you through exactly how to do this.

What kind of technology do you use and how do I know my data is secure?

Matt Done

Are the rates provided through the platform competitive?

The rates that you can receive through our FX partner are set at 0.3% from the interbank rate for ‘major’ and ‘minor’ currencies and can be slightly higher for more exotic currencies.

Are there are other fees associated with the platform?

Yes. You can see our complete pricing for the platform here.

Do I need to sign up to an account with AFEX in order to use the platform?

If you want to be able to make payments from the CurrencyVue platform, then do you will need to have an account with AFEX. You can sign up directly and link your account or we can set up manually for you.

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