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    Integrated FX payments and hedging solution for mid sized businesses

Launching in August, 2017

CurrencyVue is an integrated FX payments and hedging solution for the mid-market helping businesses gain greater visibility of their FX exposures.  CurrencyVue uses straight-through-processing to automate manual processes, reducing the time and cost of making international payments.

The platform contains a series of a dashboards and visual analytics that provides users with real time view of their FX exposure.  These insights allow businesses to make FX hedging decision quickly without needing to manually deciphering large volumes of complex data.

Integrated with the worlds leading ERP systems, the platform eliminates the reliance on spreadsheets to create a ‘single source of truth’ for the business’s FX hedging and payments program.

ERP Connectivity

The CurrencyVue platform has native connectors with four of the major mid-market ERP systems, Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP and NAV, Netsuite, with more in the pipeline. These connectors extract foreign purchase / sales orders and invoices creating real time visibility of FX exposures

Payment & hedging Execution

Through our soon to be announced partnership with a leading global payments business, users can execute payments and forward exchange contracts directly from the exposures in the platform creating the first ever FX straight-through-processing in the mid-market

Save time and reduce costs

The automation achieved from digitising the entire FX payment process significantly reduces the time required to make international payment runs and eliminates the risk of human errors in the process

Rich Custom Reporting

With advanced filtering functionality, users can build reports on any of the data points contained within the platform for easy auditing and management reporting

ERP Integrations

Register for early access

We are launching in mid-2017. If your business uses Netsuite, Dynamics, NAV, AX or GP, please register to be notified of early access and join our beta program.

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